Dale Stockstill & Associates was hired by Boardwalk Pipeline to provide 2D Plan and Section piping drawings for upgrades to be performed at two sites in their Jackson Yard facility. DS&A used their Topcon GLS 1500 High Definition Laser Scanner to scan the two areas where the work will be performed. The existing pipes, valves, walkways, racks and footings were traced by Aaron Lee, a DS&A technician, to provide the initial existing condition plans to be used by the BWPL engineer for his design. DS&A will also provide the Demolition, Construction, and  As-Built drawings for these two projects. The use of the GLS 1500 enabled DS&A’s crew to do all the preliminary surveying necessary for the projects in one day- a project that would have taken 3 to 4 days of conventional surveying.

Chad Cutrer setting the GLS-1500


Boardwalk Pipeline hired Dale Stockstill & Associates’ to provide preliminary and pre-construction surveying for 3 sites in the Mobile, Alabama area that needed to be Hydro Tested for compliance with DOT High Consequence Area regulations. The sites consisted of a school, a church, and a nursing home facility and the 10” High Pressure Gas Pipeline that is buried near each. DS&A’s crew located and probed the pipeline along each site reestablishing the pipeline stationing by comparing features such as vents, road crossings, etc. to their original stationing per the 1950’s era alignment sheets. After their preliminary surveying on each site was done, the crew went back to meet with representatives from CharCo, the contractor who would be performing the hydro tests, and Boardwalk Pipeline representatives and inspectors. The crew staked the HCA limits and also placing stakes at each Potential Impact Radius (PIR) point which were calculated from precise locations of the impacted buildings as they relate to the existing pipeline. The crew also located existing utilities which were located by the “OneCall” requested by Boardwalk Pipeline and CharCo.





Dale Stockstill & Associates was tasked by South Mississippi Electric Power Association to provide all Surveying Services necessary for a new 13.4 mile Electric Transmission Line that is being built from Eucutta, Mississippi to Heidelburg, Mississippi. DS&A is providing to their client GPS control, Centerline Staking, Property Line Determinations, Right of Way Plats, Plan and Profile Drawings, Right of Way Clearing Limit Staking, Pole and Guy Wire Staking, and final As-Built Plans as necessary.


Laser Scanning the Homochitto River

Dale Stockstill & Associates were hired by Garver Engineers to provide a 3D As-built of the bridge across the Homochitto River in Franklin and Wilkinson County, Mississippi. The project area contained a dangerous bluff that was constantly caving in to the river which made it too dangerous for a conventional crew to approach. DS&A’s crew used a combination of Scanning and conventional surveying to survey the bridge and the river bed up to a 1500’ feet on each side of the bridge. The deliverable was a 3D Microstation V8i drawing along with a TIN and contours.

Mobile Mapping Florida Ave New Orleans 9th Ward

DS&A was the prime survey contractor for a large Corps of Engineers urban flood relief project in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans. Working with Surveying Solutions, Inc out of Standish, Michigan, the entire 123 acre project site containing 4 miles of city streets, was mapped with Mobile LiDAR to engineering grade standards in less than a day. Dale Stockstill & Associates augmented the data collected with Surveying Solutions’s Riegl Mobile Mapper with additional point clouds from their laser scanner, RTK, and conventional total stations shots. The two firms divided the processing work parceling out the individual tasks in order to meet the Core’s strict deadline for delivery.  Providing contours and a 3D Microstation drawing of the entire project area.  DS&A office technicians parsed through the immense amounts of data to provide the client with the above and underground utilities.  You can read more about it by clicking the link below:

Rebuilding Through Innovation

Talsen Engineering/IMTT Laser Scanning the Asphalt Pit

Dale Stockstill & Associates were hired by Talsen Engineering to provide High Definition Laser Scanning and 3D Modeling for a project in International Matex Tank Terminal’s St. Rose Facility. The proposed asphalt pit needed several large pipe runs that began at a certain flange, ran to the proposed pit, then back to and parallel with an existing group of pipes. The proposed route then had to cross a busy section of pipes and go under a road in a specific tunnel turn several times to avoid more existing pipes eventually tying in to an existing flange. DS&A’s Laser Scanning crew was able to set control and collect all the data necessary for the project- spanning over 900 linear feet- in one day. The data collected by the scanning crew would have taken more than a week to collect conventionally. DS&A delivered a topo survey with 1’ contours along with a 3D model of all the pipes, risers, bents, tanks, roads, tunnels, and cable trays in the work area.

Laser Scanning the Smithdale Substation

DS&A was tasked by South Mississippi Electric Power Association to provide an Existing Conditions Survey for an older electric substation in Franklin County, Mississippi. DS&A’s crew used a combination of GPS, Conventional Surveying, and High Definition Laser Scanning to collect the data necessary to provide their client with a comprehensive As-built survey of the substation. The deliverable’s were a boundary survey, a planimetric topo with 1’ contours and all topographic features, and detailed 2D Engineering plans containing numerous sectional views that were specified by the client.  DS&A crew used the GLS-1500 Topcon Laser Scanner to collect all of the data while remaining safely outside of the substation fence.  Once the data was turned over to the office technicians they began registering, verifying accuracies, exporting clouds and organizing the work flow.  After delivering the requested information to the client, DS&A received a call requesting another measurement and verification on a piece of equipment not originally in the SOW.  By using the GLS-1500 Laser Scanner DS&A had already collected this information and a return visit to the site was not needed.  This resulted in a quick turn around as well as money savings to the client.

Dimensional Control of a 5 Story Accommodation Structure

In January 2011 DS&A started a Dimensional Control survey of a 5 story Accommodation Structure to be attached to a Brazilian oil platform. DS&A’s field crew scanned the structure inside and out using innovative surveying techniques to establish precise control on all floor levels and maintain this while there was steady on-going construction.  Accuracies of 3-4mm were required; with the GLS-1500 Laser Scanner DS&A crews and technicians were able to provide these accuracies with much detail to the client.   This successful project was featured in Point of Beginning Magazine’s August 2011 issue.  You can read more about it by clicking the link below:

Top Notch Accommodations

New Orleans District USACE Flood Control Weir at Lilly Bayou

In 2010, the Construction Division at the New Orleans District of USACE had a Quality Control concern at Lilly Bayou, a large flood control weir just north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The specifications on a 5 to 1 concrete slope were to be no more than 1/8 of an inch of deviation in any 10 feet. They didn’t think the contractor met the specifications but couldn’t prove it by conventional survey methods. DS&A was requested to perform a test scan which, when completed settled the question once and for all. The deviations in the surface were obvious in the point cloud. DS&A was subsequently awarded a task order to scan the whole structure and provide specific CAD and ascii deliverable’s to the Corps engineers.  Along with this data DS&A also delivered “color mapped” pdfs as well as contours to assist the engineers in determining the specifications.

Read more:  Laser Scanning on a Flood Control Structure

The New Orleans District Corps of Engineers

Contract W912P8-07-D-0028; Task Order 09-195C
Dale Stockstill and Associates was tasked by the New Orleans Corps of Engineers to Topo approximately 4 miles of existing levee in St. Charles Parish, LA.  The task order specified a combination of RTK and Conventional Surveying methods but we were granted permission to use our Topcon GLS-1000 laser scanner to collect data on the levee and adjacent areas.  For the portion that was to be profiled by chopping out ranges and running traditional cross sections with a total station, DS&A used existing Lidar data which was archived on ATLAS, The Louisiana Statewide GIS repository.  Using Kubit to work with point clouds in Autocad, DS&A extracted the required cross section data and submitted it in the required ASCII format along with furnishing the Corps with a mesh surface model and 3D model of the extensive improvements along the levee.  Using the GLS-1000 Laser Scanner and existing Lidar data, we were able to furnish the Corps with more than they expected for no additional cost.