The New Orleans District Corps of Engineers

Contract W912P8-07-D-0028; Task Order 09-195C
Dale Stockstill and Associates was tasked by the New Orleans Corps of Engineers to Topo approximately 4 miles of existing levee in St. Charles Parish, LA.  The task order specified a combination of RTK and Conventional Surveying methods but we were granted permission to use our Topcon GLS-1000 laser scanner to collect data on the levee and adjacent areas.  For the portion that was to be profiled by chopping out ranges and running traditional cross sections with a total station, DS&A used existing Lidar data which was archived on ATLAS, The Louisiana Statewide GIS repository.  Using Kubit to work with point clouds in Autocad, DS&A extracted the required cross section data and submitted it in the required ASCII format along with furnishing the Corps with a mesh surface model and 3D model of the extensive improvements along the levee.  Using the GLS-1000 Laser Scanner and existing Lidar data, we were able to furnish the Corps with more than they expected for no additional cost.

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