Boardwalk Pipeline hired Dale Stockstill & Associates’ to provide preliminary and pre-construction surveying for 3 sites in the Mobile, Alabama area that needed to be Hydro Tested for compliance with DOT High Consequence Area regulations. The sites consisted of a school, a church, and a nursing home facility and the 10” High Pressure Gas Pipeline that is buried near each. DS&A’s crew located and probed the pipeline along each site reestablishing the pipeline stationing by comparing features such as vents, road crossings, etc. to their original stationing per the 1950’s era alignment sheets. After their preliminary surveying on each site was done, the crew went back to meet with representatives from CharCo, the contractor who would be performing the hydro tests, and Boardwalk Pipeline representatives and inspectors. The crew staked the HCA limits and also placing stakes at each Potential Impact Radius (PIR) point which were calculated from precise locations of the impacted buildings as they relate to the existing pipeline. The crew also located existing utilities which were located by the “OneCall” requested by Boardwalk Pipeline and CharCo.




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