Laser Scanning the Smithdale Substation

DS&A was tasked by South Mississippi Electric Power Association to provide an Existing Conditions Survey for an older electric substation in Franklin County, Mississippi. DS&A’s crew used a combination of GPS, Conventional Surveying, and High Definition Laser Scanning to collect the data necessary to provide their client with a comprehensive As-built survey of the substation. The deliverable’s were a boundary survey, a planimetric topo with 1’ contours and all topographic features, and detailed 2D Engineering plans containing numerous sectional views that were specified by the client.  DS&A crew used the GLS-1500 Topcon Laser Scanner to collect all of the data while remaining safely outside of the substation fence.  Once the data was turned over to the office technicians they began registering, verifying accuracies, exporting clouds and organizing the work flow.  After delivering the requested information to the client, DS&A received a call requesting another measurement and verification on a piece of equipment not originally in the SOW.  By using the GLS-1500 Laser Scanner DS&A had already collected this information and a return visit to the site was not needed.  This resulted in a quick turn around as well as money savings to the client.

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