Talsen Engineering/IMTT Laser Scanning the Asphalt Pit

Dale Stockstill & Associates were hired by Talsen Engineering to provide High Definition Laser Scanning and 3D Modeling for a project in International Matex Tank Terminal’s St. Rose Facility. The proposed asphalt pit needed several large pipe runs that began at a certain flange, ran to the proposed pit, then back to and parallel with an existing group of pipes. The proposed route then had to cross a busy section of pipes and go under a road in a specific tunnel turn several times to avoid more existing pipes eventually tying in to an existing flange. DS&A’s Laser Scanning crew was able to set control and collect all the data necessary for the project- spanning over 900 linear feet- in one day. The data collected by the scanning crew would have taken more than a week to collect conventionally. DS&A delivered a topo survey with 1’ contours along with a 3D model of all the pipes, risers, bents, tanks, roads, tunnels, and cable trays in the work area.

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