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Topographic Surveys
Dale Stockstil & Associates has performed many detailed topographic surveys, and is your leader in Surveying and Mapping services.

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Topographic Surveys

Dale Stockstil & Associates has performed many detailed topographic surveys for highway improvements, commercial developmentss, substations, subdivisiona, meter stations, power generations plants and Corps of Engineers Distrticts. Some examples of this work are:

Topographic Survey for Proposed Treatment Plant Expansion
  • Hancock County Port & Harbor Commission.  DS&A was hired by Garver Engineers to provide a detailed topographic survey for a proposed expansion.  The site was heavily improved with many above and below ground utilities.  DS&A located utilities, contours, spot elevations, roads, railroad crossings, culvert inverts, underground sewer lines with cover, gas pipelines with cover, underground electric and telephone lines, and underground water lines.
Topographic Survey for Proposed Substation in Jasper County, MS
  • South Mississippi Electric Power Association.  DS&A provided a thorough topo to SMEPA for the proposed Substation Expansion.  The existing substation and all existing power lines had to be located with all wire heights and connections accurately depicted along with contours and spot elevations over several acres of unimproved land.  We located all roads, ditches, culverts, telephone, transmission, distribution, and service lines impacting the property along with timber cover and drainage.
Otoucalofa Creek Watershed
  • Vicksburg District Corps of Engineers, Contract No. W912-04-5-004, December 2004.  A detailed topographic survey along with a thalweg profile survey was performed in Calhoun County, MS.  All topographic features such as levees, head cuts, buildings, bridges, ramps, ridges, utilities (low wire elevation), fences, ditches, bodies of water, old pilings, wooded areas, agricultural areas, log jams in stream, culverts (including inverts and sketches), and other features were identified in such a manner that break lines were established for development of an accurate surface for use in Intergraph’s Inroads software.  Sufficient survey data was collected to develop accurate one-foot contours.  The thalweg profile identified all drops and visible changes in the slope of the streambed, head cuts, pipelines, utilities, bridges, fences, culverts or any other pertinent items.  Horizontal control was based on NAD83 Mississippi West State Plane Coordinates.  Vertical control was based on NGVD29.
Plaquemines Parish Ferry Landings, Mississippi River Levee Enlargements, Belle Chase and Point a la Hatch Ferries, Plaquemines Parish, LA.
Contract Number W912P8-07-D-0028
Job No. 08-131C
  • Plaquemines Parish Ferry Landings, Mississippi River Levee Enlargement, Plaquemines Levee District and Grand Prairie Levee District is a Topographic Survey which includes features such as all breaklines, levee toes, levee crown edges, fence lines, cattle guards, ramps, signs, culverts, roadways, utility poles, underground and overhead lines, water surfaces, drainage ditches, anchor posts, and other obstructions located on the levee or within the survey limits.  The deliverables include a three dimensional CAD files in Microstation Inroads format o ACE CAD Standards.
Topographical Survey for Bayou Bienvenue to Hwy 46 LPV 145 & LPV 146, St. Bernard Parish, LA.
Stations 372+25 to 1116+00.
Contract Number W912P8-07-D-0028
Job No. 09-023C
  • Sections were performed every 300’ extending from the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet across the levee thru the borrow pits to the far top bank of the Borrow Pit.  Shots were taken normal to the baseline at 20’ intervals and at any abrupt change in grade.  All breaklines were collected in order to develop a DTM in Microstation.  Overbank and top of pipe profiles were taken at all pipeline crossings.  A profile of the Centerline of the levee was taken at 100’ intervals.  All shots were annotated.
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