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Boundary Surveys
Dale Stockstill & Assoc. Is uniquely qualified to perform Boundary Surveys from small lots, to multiple townships.

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Boundary Surveys
Dale Stockstill & Associates is uniquely qualified to perform Boundary Surveys, and has performed almost every kind of survey imaginable from small lots to surveys involving multiple townships.  Some of the larger projects that demonstrate these qualifications are as follows:

Sylvarena Generating Plant Site and connecting Powerline, Smith County, MS
South Mississippi Electric Power Association.
  • The generating plant site was a 120 acre tract, which required extensive boundary survey work as no boundaries, other than fences, had been determined in this particular rural area for nearly 60 years.  DS&A located every available existing corner within the section in order to determine the proper boundary location.  The entire section had to be surveyed in order to place the monuments properly.  Using the original township plats and field notes obtained from the MS Secretary of State, and comparing them to existing monuments obtained by conventional and GPS methods, we were able to establish the boundaries.  This site’s boundaries were soon transformed from rural pasture and woods to highly developed commercial property with many expensive improvements.
United States Department of Agriculture Contract.
  • In 2004, DS&A completed Contract 43-447U-3-1822, DeSoto Ranger District, which was surveying, brushing out, blazing, & marking boundary lines, corner maintenance and monumentation along with corner cards & survey plat in the DeSoto National Forrest.
Weyerhauser Company contract.
  • Since June of 2007, DS&A has completed over 20 projects for Weyerhauser Company.  DS&A has a contract to perform boundary line maintenance and surveys as needed on land owned and / or leased by Weyerhauser Company.  The company performs courthouse research on land to be acquired, and performs ongoing surveys, marks the boundary lines, and prepares surveyor’s reports for Weyerhauser.
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