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Construction Staking
Dale Stockstill & Associates has wride ranging experience in constructions surveys.

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Construction Staking

Dale Stockstill & Associates has wide ranging experience in construction surveys.  DS&A has years of experience in layout work for roads, buildings, pipelines, production facilities in the Louisiana marshes, and power generating plants.  The firm has staked hundreds of miles of gas pipelines both on land and in the marshes.  For Texaco, Inc., DS&A did all the survey work for 5 oilfields which included staking for proposed barges, limestone pads, pilings, pipelines, walkways, production facilities, levees, berms, and many other projects.  In 2003, DS&A was chosen to survey, topo, provide control and construction layout on two 120 acre power generating plants in central Mississippi.

  • Garden Island Bay Co2 Injection Project for Texaco Inc.  Working in Texaco’s field south of Pass a Loutre, DS&A provided control, preliminary surveying, and preliminary plans. After the Design was completed we performed all the construction staking for excavations, limestone barge Pads, pilings for the extensive facilities, layout of generator platforms, walkways, pipe racks, docks Dredging limits, CO2 pipelines, etc.
  • Polkville Substation, Smith County, MS for South Mississippi Electric Power Association, Hattiesburg MS. Using our extensive topographic survey, a large substation was planned. DS&A provided the staking services for rough grade, finished grade, fences, footings, control buildings, new powerlinePoles, etc.

Miscellaneous Topographic and Construction Staking Services at Port Bienville for the Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission. Working with Garver Engineers, Madison MS, DS&A has provided Topographic and Construction Staking Services at the Port Facility for several years now. Some of the Construction Staking was for Railroad Upgrades, New Rail Spurs, Road Expansions, Sewer Upgrades, etc. DS&A provided benchmarks, construction limit stakes, rough grade stakes, Finished grade stakes, control structures, switches, utilities, buildings, etc.
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