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Digital 3-D Models

DTM's, TIN's and more!! Dale Stockstill and Associates has vast ways to provide our clients with the Digital Terrain Models they need.

Levee ScanLaser Scan of SchoolLaser Scanning Lilly BayouMobile Lidar
Digital 3-D Models

3D Terrain Models:

Three dimensional Cad models can be created from the Point Cloud in a variety of formats. Dale Stockstill & Associates use Kubit Point Cloud Processing Software, Polyworks, Scanmaster, TopoDOT and Pointools to create the models.  Once these models are created the client can then insert them into 3D models, Hydraulic models and many more applications to run test process to see what will affect the area. 
Registered Point Clouds
Digital 3-D Models
Data Extraction from Point Clouds
Photo Gallery
East Side School Auditorium Point Cloud
Exterior of East Side School
Point Cloud of Moselle Generating Plant
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