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Data Extraction from Point Clouds

From millions of points to 2D and 3D CAD drawings and digital models.

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Data Extraction from Point Clouds

Data Extration:

Conventional survey data point blocks can be easily “mined” from the Point Cloud Data for inclusion in various applications. For the New Orleans Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District, DS&A extracted cross sections and used them to construct data sets in the District’s EM and 830 formats. For our client, South Mississippi Electric Power Association, DS&A extracted 3-D data points to create Plan and Profile sheets along with data files formatted to their “PLS CADD” package. 

Other Clients have been delivered 2D Engineering grade drawings as well as contours, while others have wanted full 3D models.  Several projects DS&A used color mapping and delivered PDF files to their clients.  Color Mapping shows the deviations from "perfect design" to "real world" construction.  This allows the client to see  any changes to be made promptly and accuratly.    DS&A office technicians have developed way to deliver the clients needs in a timely manner.  

Registered Point Clouds
Digital 3-D Models
Data Extraction from Point Clouds
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Point Cloud of Levee
Levee at Jefferson Parish Lakefront Point Cloud
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