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Marine Laser Scanning:

Dale Stockstil and Associates has adapted their Topcon GLS-1500 Laser Scanner for Marine applications where very high accuracy and control are needed.  
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High Definition Laser Scanning adds a powerful tool to a surveyors resource providing 4mm accurate dimensional control.  Allowing the engineers to see the cloud in real time with the actual 3D Model to perform acurate as-builts as well as clash detection.  Colormapped deviations from model to real world construction are easiliy seen and can be checked for accuracy.  This also allows the construction crews easily visibility to see what needs to be corrected and to what extent.  DS&A completed a project in 2011 of a 5 Story Accommodations Structure for QCI Marine.  You can read more on this story by going to our recent projects or simply clicking the link below:

5 Story Accommodations Structure
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