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Laser Scanning Services

One of the most promising new technologies in the Surveying Profession that enables firms to provide their clients with increased accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness is the 3-D Laser Scanning.
Levee ScanLaser Scan of SchoolLaser Scanning Lilly BayouMobile Lidar
Laser Scanning Services

Also called Terrestrial Lidar, 3-D Laser Scanning makes field collection faster, safer and less intrusive on the daily operations of a site or facility. Recognizing the added value Laser Scanning would provide to our clients, Dale Stockstill & Associates purchased a Topcon GL1000 Laser Scanner in the spring of 2009. Dale Stockstill & Associates chose Topcon because it was designed specifically for Surveyors and didn't need external batteries, cables, or attached laptop which is almost impossible to see in bright sunlight. Its compact and portable size makes it ideal for working in a busy jobsite.

Some of the Laser Scanning services available are listed below. You can click on one of the links to the right to learn more about out Laser Scanning Services.

  • Registered Point Clouds
  • Digital Terrain Models
  • Data Extraction
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Structure Monitoring
  • Architectural Applications
  • Building Information Models (BIM
  • Forensic Scanning
  • Quantity Surveys
  • As-Builts
  • Topgraphic Surveys
  • Faster Collection of Data on Site
  • Integrated Digital Photography and 3-D Point Cloud
  • Ability to "mine" additional Data from Archived Cloud
  • Reduced Access Problems
  • Detailed Capture of Complex Features
  • Reduced Safety Risks on Job Site
  • Return Visits for Omitted Data Eliminated
Registered Point Clouds
Digital 3-D Models
Data Extraction from Point Clouds
Photo Gallery
East Side School Auditorium Point Cloud
Exterior of East Side School
Point Cloud of Moselle Generating Plant
Video Gallery
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